Welcome to Itay Magen Art - my artistic world of colorful, bold popart paintings.

My journey to becoming an artist is as interesting as it is unusual. At the age of 40, after years of working in the Israeli tech industry, I decided to enroll in an oil painting and drawing course - spurred by a desire to try something new and explore a creative outlet, a form of self-expression.

After posting some of my first works on social media, there was an exceptional response and tens of requests to purchase my paintings. From there it became evident that I had not only found my passion but my new purpose in life - painting.

Since then, I’ve continued to explore my passion through large scale paintings and the use of vibrant, complementary colors in contrast with neutral facial expressions - a theme that carries through in my oeuvre. Through this juxtaposition of light and dark, I want to inspire the viewer to really think about color in a new way and how it affects us.

Bold, expressive brushstrokes are another defining characteristic which helps give each piece depth and dimension - making the imagery “pop” off the canvas and give it life. I create a game of controlled brushstrokes and pallet knife markings together with powerful energetic paint splashes that add the movement and dynamism that has become synonymous with my work.

My Etsy shop is filled with original oil paintings, an array of small and large scale digital prints on canvas and paper, as well as my signature “recreation artworks” which are digitally printed canvas pieces that I paint over by hand, making each one unique.

I am humbled that my art has traveled all over the world, finding a home on the walls of both commercial and residential spaces. Above all, I strive to create pieces that infuse color into a space and ignite inspiration!

I hope that you feel that same passion and vibrancy when you look at my work that I feel when I create it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message via convo.

Thank you for visiting,

~ Itay

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